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All Clear and Break Out

All Clear is our non-fiction imprint, home to experience-based, inspirational guidance in the fields of independent thought, action and achievement. We look for books that fill gaps to what is already on the shelves in the categories of business, finance, true crime, memoir, history and narrative nonfiction. We are NOT looking for reference texts nor those in the fields of health, parenting, psychology, spirituality or identity culture. For information regarding submission of proposals, refer to Contact.

Break Out is our fiction imprint where we welcome writers of literary and commercial fiction with an emphasis on narrative-driven plots, fast-paced thrillers, crime, mystery, suspense and imaginative interpretations of historical events. We do NOT publish horror, sci-fi, magical fantasy nor children's stories. For information regarding submission of proposals, refer to Contact.


This section is currently being updated. Our most recent association is with the author of the enthralling 'The Boy From Broughty Ferry'. Meet him here -

Joseph T.Riach, author of personal achievement paperbacks, ebooks and mystery novels Joseph T. Riach
Born and brought up in the Scottish city of Aberdeen, 'Tom' as he is popularly known, is a lifelong entrepreneur turned author. He first penned his 'Inspirations' series of personal achievement guides to reflect his professional insights, real life experiences, personal views and fun stories, before turning his hand to novels. Tom ghost-authored a biographical adventure; then published 'Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?' in his own name in 2020. His fictional mystery of a rebellious lad growing up in Scotland before finding redemption in rural France became an Amazon best seller. The Boy From Broughty Ferry is also set in Scotland, and in Ireland during the time of the Irish 'Troubles'. The story features locations in England, France and in Portugal too. The latter country being Tom's home of more than 20 years, where he lives in rural tranquility with Belgian partner Erna, her three imperious cats – and no mice! More information at Tom's Web Site.


This section is currently being updated. Our latest publication is Joseph T. Riach's thrilling adventure novel, The Boy From Broughty Ferry.
Joseph T.Riach, author of personal achievement paperbacks, ebooks and mystery novels

The Boy From Broughty Ferry
Young Scottish fisherman Torry Taggart, wrongly believed to have drowned while on lifeboat duty, finds fulfillment living as a paramilitary terrorist in Ireland. Life is good. Better than that it's perfect. The best part of all is that Torry isn't even here. He's dead. Were he alive none of this would be possible. But what will happen when he is recognised, blackmailed and compelled to return to his home town on the 25th anniversary of his 'death' to face an indifferent mother, a lost love, a daughter he never knew he had – and a mission to assassinate the British prime minister! Will his deadly task succeed or will he find redemption in fatherhood and the fishing community of his birth? Can a dead man with a cold heart live again? Will he be allowed to? The Boy From Broughty Ferry is raw and brutal; a story of love without feelings and killing without conscience; fragmented relationships and communities at war. There is wickedness and courage and an explosive finale in which Torry's unwitting search for the identity denied to him when abandoned as a baby is finally revealed. But will it come in time to save him from himself?

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